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Official announcement of Charisma
Christmas Shows
Christmas events
Christmas Event
Charity Concert
Book Presentation
An article by Erato Vassiliou on the benefits of music therapy for individuals with spevial needs.
For the first time!
Concert in Larnaca
Concert at the Presidential Palace
Christmas songs by the 5th primary school of Agios ioannis Limassol.
Join us for coffee
Για την μπάντα μας!
Join us at our Christmas party for food, drink & live music.
This Festive Season's most EXTRAORDINARY Show
«Πλήθη ηκολούθησαν τον Ιησούν εις την κορυφήν όρους υπεράνω της λίμνης προς τα ανατολικά, σχεδόν αντικρύ.

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