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The objective is to improve the psychosomatic status of Charismatic Individuals, creating the appropriate background to present their work, but also to remind us all that despite their disability and their differentiation, they have an important place in society.

The Goals of the Association

The Association is aiming to improve the psychosomatic status of these individuals by creating the appropriate background to show their work and to remind us all that despite their physical or mental disabilities and differentiation they have other very important abilities, they have a tremendous will fight in order to achieve, they have enormous talents, and have an important role and place in the society. The aim of the Association is to create artistic recreational centers that will provide artistic lessons (music, singing, dance, theater, painting etc.) to further develop their talent. It will also be a place where charismatic individuals will meet to socialize and prepare for various artistic events.

The aim is to also inform the public on issues concerning the ability to develop and promote the talent of these "charismatic" individuals, encouraging their families not  to isolate them, but to encourage them to participate in various artistic and / or other activities  or exploit their talent as a profession. We aim even where possible to help these individuals make their talent a profession, as well as their involvement in the artistic activities of our country.

A third important goal is the creation of social networks around people with physical, mental and other disabilities, thus promoting their quality of life and the enhancement of their autonomy. The creation of these social networks is primarily based on trained individuals, whose main task is to strengthen the social life of charismatic individuals through activities that they love, for example attending a theater performance, concerts, sports, football, cinema, bowling,  etc. Volunteerism is a major factor in the creation of social networks since the main objective is lifelong support from a circle of people whose main motivation will be the continuous caring for these people.

The social network invests in human relationships and all the benefits they have. It is not just socialization, it is the creation of close emotional relationships and the investment in them so that the life of the person with disabilities is facilitated and made better. Therefore, the creation, reinforcement and maintenance of human relationships aimed at developing a social circle of support around a person with a disability is intended to support these individuals to cope with the loss of a close relative, so that such loss is not a devastating event in their lives.

A related but long-term goal will be the Supported Living for Disabled People and the Mental Deficit, namely the development and operation of houses (Assisted housing), where people with mental and other disabilities permanently live in a socially integrated environment which supports their needs. This creates a safe and pleasant environment where young people's individual, charismatic and social skills are cultivated and their autonomy is maximized.


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