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"CHARISMA" has started its activities aiming to the development, protection, socialisation and integration of persons with special talents and special needs into our society, through artistic and sporting events that improve their quality of life.

Note from the President of the Association

Mr. Stavros Sideras


It is a well-known fact, that despite the legislative measures taken by the so-called "developed" countries in order to protect disabled people from anachronistic perceptions and the inadmissible predicament of social isolation, sadly, this malady continues to pester people with disabilities to this day.

It is no secret that our society still wears blinkers, is "inhospitable", and it projects shortsighted and confining restraints on issues that it considers taboo. Restraints and limitations, that unavoidably push people with disabilities into a void of social alienation.

As a result of this imposed isolation, "charismatic" children are forced to live on the verge of society; stigmatized by ignorance and indifference, and find it impossible to showcase their talents and exhibit the soulful world they are hiding within.

This is what prompted us to create the "Charisma Association”. Our vision is not to merely offer a platform via which the "charismatic" children of Cyprus will be able to exhibit their work in the future. We aim to help these talented children to promote and further enhance the special "gifts" that God has blessed them with.

Our ultimate goal is to integrate these children into the “norm” of our conservative society. Give them an opportunity to showcase their "charismas" through artistic exhibitions and a variety of musical events, whilst at the same time, spread the message that “otherness” should not be confronted with reservation and skepticism. But rather, with love affection and openheartedness.


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Meet our Charismatic TEAM!
The Charismatic Team consists of persons with mental retardation and other physical disabilities who have developed talents in arts and sports.

Our charismatic individuals have developed their talent by attending courses in music, dance, theater, painting and other forms of art as well as through continuous training in sports.

Our Charismatic Team is trained by professional therapists and artists who aim to develop and promote the talents of these individuals and to integrate them into the artistic space through common performances.

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