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Maria-Nefeli Demetriou


Maria Nefeli Dimitriou of Cypriot Origin was born in Nicosia on the 13th of July 1985. She was born with big eyes in deep blue of the sea, which changed and became dark brown. Around her huge eyes there is the Iris blue, the dark circle that turns blue, their original color. When you look at it you are lost.

She is a graduate with awards and a postgraduate degree. First Degree: Arts & Social Science Behaviorism in Major Psychology, Second Degree: Arts & Psychology, Postgraduate: Special Education.

She is a writer and poet. She hopes that in the future her own Foundation will be operating and it will be named Be A (A) liEVE MNF - May Now Your Fear Inspiration.

She has been maintaining her own block since 2009, recording her thoughts and news about her health, and as she says, "I fight it up to the point it can be struggled and I can."

Maria Nefeli suffers from Behcet's disease (Neuro-Behcet's Disease and Cancer), a complex disease and terribly painful. The disease is characterized by recurrent inflammation in vital vital organs, weakens the immune system and causes malignancies with aggressive form such as leukemia and tumors or otherwise called "the natural killer". In Maria, the disease metastasized all over the body and, in addition, has four malignant carcinogenic tumors in the abdomen.


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