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Nefeli Antoniou

Lead Singer and Artist. Member of Cyprus Charisma Band. Member of Mirkomires Duet.

Nefeli was without a doubt a childish miracle. The unmistakable musicality of the child became evident at the age of two when she began to sing in perfect pitch while at her three she began composing her small pieces on the piano. At the same time she was able to memorize and play every melody she had heard. In addition to singing and piano, Nefeli also showed an artistic ability in painting and theater.

At the age of four Nefeli was diagnosed with a tumor in the brain and the child's struggle began to survive. After an intense treatment, Nefeli regains strength and continues her artistic activities with increased zeal and enthusiasm. Unfortunately, the bad nightmare that haunts Nefeli's life returns five years later with a new volume. The child while being hospitalized again under medical care was paid by a stroke with a terrible complication. The result was a serious and permanent damage to her brain and paralysis to her right. Nefeli could no longer talk, walk, read, write, or perform daily tasks. In fact, she behaved like a newborn child and had to learn everything from the beginning. The only thing that remained intact was Nefeli's love for music and her excellent ability to sing!

The story of Nefeli is really remarkable! The courageous struggle of the girl to survive "against all odds" and the enthusiasm with which she used her passion for music to overcome her disabilities and extend the limits of her mental temper is more than remarkable and must be example to encourage other charismatic children.

When Nefeli reached the age of fourteen, her mother, encouraged by the gradual improvement of her daughter through music therapy, approached Stavros Sideras, a prominent Cypriot composer, writer, producer and director, to seek his help. Stavros was moved by Nefeli's love for her music and ability to sing and promised to help.Inspired by the child's enthusiasm and the admirable determination of her mother to help her daughter, she composed six songs; especially written for Nefeli. Nefeli's mother and the combined mission of Stavros did not confine themselves to giving a platform to the unfortunate child to express his passion for music. Their ultimate goal was to show the world that children like Nefeli, although having the disadvantages of serious disabilities, have much to offer and deserve to join our society as equal members.

Nefeli's digital album, "A Magic Stick", is now an example of what a person's mental power, will, love, and passion for music and the arts can achieve. Nefeli has been taking classes for classical singing for 5 years from soprano Cvetta Christoforou and recently by tenor Stelios Georgiou. Her solo appearances are accompanied by Anna Hadjistathi and Mihalis Metaxas on the piano. Nefeli and Mihalis are also members of Mirkomires Duet  playing and singing various types of music. She is a member of the Larnaca Progressive Choir, as well as a member of the band Cyprus Charisma Band, with conductor and teacher the musician Dimitris Konstantinou with a variety of fine, light and Cypriot repertoire. An important role in Nefeli's musical evolution was played by the first teacher, Kostas Demetriou. Nefeli sings in various events and concerts.

Nefeli began painting again and regaining her character through Art. She attends painting lessons with Ariana Zakos.


Facebook: Nefeli Antoniou /Νεφέλη Αντωνίου Artist  |  | Τηλ. 96 400 752



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