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Michael Metaxas

Musician playing piano, keyboards, trombone, bouzouki. Member of Cyprus Charisma Band. Member of Mirkomires Group.

Michael's father is a Cypriot and his mother is German. The talent of Michalis Metaxas was evident from his early years, but because of the fact that he was born almost deaf, he began to work with music at a later age. Michalis has done more than 30 interventions specifically for improving his hearing and vision and today he has managed to have good hearing and vision on one side. Michalis suffers from Tourette's and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), but he treats them with great comfort and he feels he is constantly improving.

Michael plays accordion, piano, trombone, saxophone, bouzouki, harmonica and keyboards but his greatest love is the piano. Michael has studied music at the University of Cyprus and has been professionally involved with music for years. He plays in various bands and deals with various types of music from classical to rock music. He likes to write his own music and make covers of well-known pieces as well as covers for symphony orchestra. He plays piano professionally at various events.

Apart from music, his other great love is the airplanes. He is delighted when he plays music and when he travels. Especially when traveling to others with his music. Michael's life is a great journey that, although physically on earth, his spirit travels away to other land and other places.

Facebook: Michael Metaxas Artist | T: 99 169714

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