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Anna Herodotou

Organization of Activities and Training of Disabled People

Anna Herodotou was born on 15th September 1984. From childhood she w loved children dearly as well as aquatic life, so growing up she decided to deal with both in her professional career.

She studied education pedagogy and along the way she had a stimulus from a child with Down syndrome to proceed to special education. She then became a diving and swimming instructor for the disabled. She also attended seminars and training programs in psychology and development of communication skills and teamwork as well as training programs on behaviour and play in children and disabled persons.

Her professional career started as a Trainer in a special education unit for disabled children and then she accompanied disabled athletes abroad for diving and other special education programs. She now works professionally as a diving and swimming instructor for the disabled.

Anna has been employed at CHARISMA since 2019. She is the organizer of the activities program of CHARISMA and instructor of the swimming and water polo team. She also deals with the education and training of children and adults at CHARISMA for the development of communication skills and team spirit and provides psychological support.


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