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Andreas Ioannides (Artiste Andre)


Married to Georgia with 3 children. Andreas was very active and fond of sports. From a young age he played football in various categories A and B and worked in a family painting company. A human error has deprived him of the possibility of working and of a normal life. Andreas a few years ago suffered an electric shock that caused him 75% impotence. He is suffering from permanent aesthetic-motor neuropathy, a decrease in muscle strength accompanied by frequent fainting episodes and terrible pains.He is going through hard times but  nevertheless nothing has prevented him from dreaming, hoping and creating.

Andreas has been awarded many awards and distinctions in Cyprus and abroad (England, Greece, France). He has made more than 10 solo exhibitions and has taken part in many group exhibitions in Cyprus, Greece and in remarkable exhibitions in Korea, Portugal, Italy, France, Switzerland, New York. Andreas has taken part in an exhibition at the Louvre Museum in Paris, Holbrook, New York, Port Jefferson, New York. In 2018 he is also planning shows in England, America, France and Cyprus.

T:99 682157   

Instagram and Facebook: Artiste Antre

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