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Alexandros James Neocleous

Guitar and piano

Alexandros James Neocleous was born in London to an English mother and a Cypriot father. He studied classical and Spanish guitar and piano and manage to pass Grade 8 of the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music.

From an early age he discovered his talent in writing poetry as well in composition and song writing and he was totally captivated and enchanted with the idea of being creative and able to perform. He realised that with poetry and music you can transcend existence and go beyond - you can touch and behold the magic.  Writing music and poetry was his way of communicating with God and the angels, and very frequently, he said that his words are painted with the light of angels, and his music is an ode to angels.

For Alexandros, the wonder of creativity and the grace of music and poetry is an act and presence of redemption not only to his world but to the whole world. It is the sustenance, the life and the breath of his soul. To him, music and poetry is love and the highest beauty. It is the heartbeat of hope coming alive. It’s everything.


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