The 1st Cyprus International Music and Art dis Ability Festival

Festival duration: The festival will run over 2 days Saturday and Sunday 29 & 30 August 2020, with outdoor performances by various artists and a a two-hour variety-show in the evening of 29 August 2020 where all performers will participate.

Festival Frequency: Once a year

Artists: Actors, singers, dancers, soloist and fine art artists.

Participation: If you are interested to participate in this fascinating Festival please complete the application form attached or via our website and pay the fee of €30 online. The fee covers the participation of a whole group / band or individual.


«Charisma’s» aspiration is to institute a notable arts and sports festival, with the aim of giving an opportunity to physically challenged people to showcase their extraordinary abilities to far-reaching international audiences.

«Charisma’s» central goal is to bring together an exciting mélange of «disabled» performers and fine art artists and host a number of disability sports.

To be more specific the festival aims to embrace singers, musicians, dancers, theatrical troupes, painters, sculptors and any other type of ART.